“We are a unique processing facility in terms of our scope. No other facility in Western Canada is capable of the range of ways we can meet our customer’s processing needs.”

Contract Custom Processing Services

Custom contract custom processing of ingredientsOur processing capabilities include the following:

  • Spray Drying – liquids into stable powders
  • Concentration – through decanting, membrane filtration or our falling film evaporator
  • Dehydration – low temperature to maintain bioavailabililty of nutrients
  • Filtration, both ultra-filtration and micro filtration, depending on the molecular weight of your liquids
  • Fermentation
  • Grinding, both wet and dry
  • Blending in our ribbon blender

In simpler terms, we are able to take virtually any plant-based raw material – whether that is fresh or frozen berries, cereal grasses, seeds and grains, or by-product such as press cake, and convert them into highly nutritious raw ingredients.

Whether you would like us to work with you right from concept through to the finished, commercial product, or if you just need us to fulfill one step of a multi-faceted project, we are happy to be part of your ingredient production team.