“Quality starts in the field, with the growers that we have chosen because they have met our rigorous criteria for growing, handling and shipping”

Our Assurance of Exceptional Quality

Quality ControlQuality System

Our Quality System ensures controls are in place for the manufacture and handling of all the ingredients we produce.

The in-house Quality Control Department is responsible for:

  • Monitoring of the quality of incoming raw materials,
  • Sanitation of equipment checked by a regular swabbing schedule,
  • Environmental monitoring,
  • In-process checks done during the manufacturing stage, and
  • Finished product testing.
  • Testing of product packaging
  • On-going monitoring of the storage environment
  • Detailed record keeping to ensure accurate and easy traceability

Exhaustive Quality Control in-process checks include temperature controls, microbial monitoring, pH readings, moisture analysis, bulk density and organoleptic parameters including texture, color, taste and smell. These are conducted throughout the production run of every single lot we manufacture.

The Quality Management System extends beyond the Quality Control Department to every employee in the facility. Every person involved in production is extremely conscientious of hygiene, sanitation, product quality and targeted product specification. Our employees believe in the quality standards of production we have established at every step in the process. To us, everything matters.


Our facility holds the following recognized certifications:

  • BC Kosher
  • Pro-Cert Certified Organic (accredited by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) and United States Department of Agriculture National Organic Program (USDA NOP))
  • SQF Level 2 Certification

Quality at Every Step

Organic Greens Ingredients manufacturing

There are a number of factors that contribute to our nutritionally dense, premium quality organic greens. It starts in the field with the qualified growers we have selected. The growers we work with have met a rigorous set of criteria for growing, handling and shipping their harvested materials. From inspecting the fields to working with the growers to ensure that proper protocols are used, we have the procedures in place to protect the raw material quality prior to accepting any produce. We also have stringent receiving protocols, detailed product inspections and tight production parameters.

Our greens are among the best in the world because:

  • We control the product right from the seed though to the finished powder
  • We have chosen to grow all of our greens organically, not for the sake of being an organic product, but because we wish to maximize nutrient density. We follow a strict rotation of green crop plow down to ensure high soil fertility and a protein-rich plant. It is well know that excessive application of nitrogen fertilizer used in conventionally grown crops depresses the protein in the plant and therefore in the finished product.
  • We have broken down every single step in our production process to determine what methods we should employ to maximize nutrient retention. Our quality benchmark is freshly squeezed juice and our goal is to retain as much of the nutritional value of this juice in the finished powder as possible. Some of the key contributors to nutrient retention are proximity of our fields to the plant, strict chilling protocols of the fresh juice and minimization of time from juicing to stabilizing through drying.
  • We have an extremely effective system for minimizing microbial levels in our finished product; the result is a very clean product. This is done through a variety of methods including utilizing an organic-approved sanitizing solution, immediate and constant chilling, minimizing transportation/holding time of the fresh juice and rigorous attention to equipment sanitation.

Custom Processing Quality Standards

Our Quality Control department will work closely with your QC team to ensure that we understand your raw materials and how best to extract the desired components from these ingredients. This involves working with you to create a practical specification sheet for incoming raw material, and a quality specification for finished product. Our goal is to set the highest achievable standards before your materials even arrive on our loading dock. Our Quality System will ensure these quality standards are met every time.